Student Testimonials

Destiny Gomez | Rachel Carson College  | Proposed Biology Major

“To an incoming student… this program helped me out so much academically and personally. I met so many awesome friends and amazing mentors that understand what we are going through to help us succeed. This is truly an amazing opportunity and creates long-lasting friendships and mentors for life.”

Lauren Castaneda Molino | Crown College  | Proposed Marine Biology

“My mentor and EOP STEM Counselor are the most supportive people I have ever met. I am able to talk to them about anything and get advice from them anytime. Without their help, I would not know what I would  be doing here at UCSC.”

Linda Rocha Montejano  | Oakes College | Proposed Human Biology

“What I enjoyed the most about being part of the SEMILLA Scholars program was that I got to meet great people that share the same interests as me. Everyone in the SEMILLA Scholars program is pursuing a STEM major and a lot of the people that I met through the program were in the same courses as me so we were able to help each other when we needed. The program provides us with a list of all the STEM related events that are happening throughout the quarter and it helps a lot to know what is going on on campus so we can attend events of our interest.”

Natalie Davila Serrano | Cowell College | Proposed Human Biology

“I liked when I attended events and got to socialize with my fellow peers in the program.    My counselor and peer mentor were both extremely supportive and amazing. They both not only cared about my academic success, but also wanted my mental health to be better. They provided me with reassurance, resources, and support throughout the school year. I am beyond thankful for the way they’ve impacted my life in my first year of college.”

Jonathan Green | Rachel Carson College | Proposed Molecular & Cell Development Biology

“Both my counselor and mentor provided me with a wealth of information and positive support. Whenever I had a question whether it pertains to enrollment, classes, schedules, or my future at UCSC, they did their best to inform me and help. I never once felt lost as I knew that I had a solid support system created by some of the nicest people that I have met thus far at UCSC.?

SEMILLA helped me become aware of all the resources and opportunities on campus during my first few quarters. This was crucial as I found out about ACE, MSI, and Small Group Tutoring which allowed me to get the extra help for my classes.”

Mayra De La Cruz | Stevenson College | Proposed Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

“The SEMILLA Scholars program is a very helpful and supportive program for frosh. It will help you transition into the university environment and give you an instantaneous support system. The program is useful for finding events specific to your interests/major, connecting with other students, and for give you a peer mentor who will give you first hand knowledge/connections.”