About Us

Welcome to the EOP STEM website. This website highlights the EOP programs that specifically serve our students who are proposed or declared in Science and Engineering majors. Check out our various programs and opportunities below:

  • EOP STEM Counseling - EOP students have access to STEM Counselors who work collaboratively to facilitate academic and personal success at UCSC.  STEM Counselors will listen to your story, and build upon your strengths and goals to ensure you are successful in your STEM major. Click on the link to set up a one-on-one meeting with an EOP STEM Counselor.
  • STEM Hub at the Science & Engineering Library, room 214 - Meet with a STEM Hub Peer Advisor or reserve a cubicle to study with a friend!
  • RISE Scholars program - a first-year experience program for students proposed in majors in the Physical & Biological Sciences.
  • STEM Transfer Program - A program designed to increase a sense of belonging and provide newly admitted EOP STEM Transfer Students with community and resources to help ease their transition into UCSC.
  • STEM Resources - learn about programs, resources, and professional development opportunities for STEM students at UCSC. 


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