STEM Transfer Program

EOP STEM Transfer Program 2019 Cohort

This program serves transfer students each year who have EOP status and who are proposed majors or advising clusters within STEM.

The STEM Transfer program is designed to support students as they transition to UC Santa Cruz and to ensure they are successful in their aspirations to obtain a STEM degree. The program aims to connect students to a community with similar career/academic pathways, holistic advising, and campus-wide resources. 

In the past years The STEM Transfer Program has consisted of a successful 4-day Summer Program that includes informational presentations to ease the transition of incoming STEM Transfer students. This program covers topics such as financial aid, navigating UCSC resources, IGETC requirements, and more. Participants also have the opportunity to meet several UCSC STEM Professors where they can attain information about UCSC learning and research. Incoming STEM Transfer students will continue to participate in the 4-day Summer Program but will now also be a part of a year-long cohort. Being a part of a cohort will allow students to build a sense of community with other STEM students and will also support rapport amongst EOP counselors and students.


  • Receive guidance throughout the academic year in your transition to college and path towards a STEM degree.
  • Receive Textbook Lending Library Support.
  • Connections to academic and personal support resources, social activities, research opportunities, and professional development.
  • Get to know fellow STEM students and get connected to opportunities early on at UCSC!


  • Meet with an EOP Counselor once per quarter.
  • Attend optional community events each quarter.